Manufacturing Leaders' Summit EMEA Online mirrors the format of our established and successful face-to-face conference, featuring a combination of Plenary and Discussion Room sessions.

Our Plenary sessions bring together all attendees in a single virtual room – concentrating the event’s focus on a series of high-profile content sessions. These content sessions include presentations from our keynote speakers, short & snappy “Five-Minute Ideas”, as well as expertly moderated panel discussions. Each Plenary session will be accompanied by Q&A from the audience, allowing you to ask follow-up questions.

Periodically during the conference the audience will split into three virtual Discussion Rooms, for a 40-minute interactive Q&A, hosted by a leading manufacturer and a technology expert. Each Discussion Room is dedicated to a specific topic, and you can choose the ones that are most relevant to you. In each session, you’ll hear insights from both of your co-hosts before an extended, moderated Q&A using questions submitted in advance, and live on the day.

Agenda 2020 | Manufacturing Leaders' Summit


10:30 Chairman’s Welcome

10.40 Opening Keynote: Embedding an enterprise-wide culture of industrial innovation

11.00 Keynote: From Supply Chain to Digital Ecosystem?

11.20 5-minute idea: Faster, fitter, stronger: Accelerating your manufacturing operations

11.30 Break

11.35 Discussion Rooms Session 1

12.10 Buffer

12.15 Discussion Rooms Session 2

12.55 Lunch

13.25 Keynote: Natives & Immigrants: Building a Digital Workforce

13.45 Discussion Room Session 3

14.25 Buffer

14.30 Panel Discussion: Emerging Business Models – and How to Respond to Them

14.55 Buffer

15.00 5-minute idea: Selling Outcomes, Not Products

15.10 Chairman’s Recap

15.20 Close of Summit

Discussion Room Topics

Stream 1 - Data

Eliminating Data Silos

Monetising your Data

IoT & Big Data

Predictive & Preventative Maintenance

AI & Machine Learning

Supply Chain Insight

Stream 2 - Innovation

Compressing Product Development Cycles

Creating an Innovation Culture

Connecting the Physical and Virtual: Digital Twins

Emergent Manufacturing Business Models

Delivering Outcomes vs Making Products

Stream 3 - Acceleration

Continuous Improvement – Digital Transformation

Building a Digital Workforce

Chains vs Networks: Developing your Supplier Ecosystem

Adaptive Manufacturing Systems

Co-Creation & Contracting Outcomes