Why attend?

How do you embed an enterprise-wide culture of industrial innovation?

Is your supply chain a source of competitive advantage?

Are your business processes fit for the challenges of the future?

Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit online brings together executive leaders from across Europe’s industrial landscape to answer these questions, in an interactive discussion led conference format that sits you virtually alongside some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers and experts from world-class technology companies to talk industrial data, innovation and acceleration. This high-level online conference puts you at the heart of the discussion.

Why attend? | Manufacturing Leaders' Summit


Meet over 100 people in the industry – from senior decision-makers in leading manufacturing companies to industry experts from world-class technology companies.


Get educated on data, technology and innovation by learning from our expert discussion room leaders, inspiring keynote speakers, and from your peers that you meet online on the day and following the event. Come back to your business with that one great idea that you can implement right away.

Stay ahead

The industry is constantly evolving, and nowhere is that more true than with data, technology, and innovation. Keep up to date with the latest technology and applications transforming the manufacturing industry.

Solve your challenge

Whatever your challenges are, our online interactive discussion room format lets you engage in the conversations that matter most to you. Ask the questions you need answering and learn from the experience of those who have been through it.

Kickstart your data and innovation strategies

Wherever you are in the data and technology journey, Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit UK will give you everything you need to plan your next steps and start turning innovation and digital transformation into real business value.

Who should attend?

Chief Engineer
CI Director
Data and Architecture Integration Director
Data Scientist
Director of Digital Technologies
Engineering Director
Finance Director
General Manager
Supply Chain General Manager
Global Head of IT
Global Master Data Manager
Group Head of Research

Head of Digitalisation
Head of Finance - Operations
Head of Manufacturing
Head of Manufacturing Process Capability
Head of Operations Strategy
Head of Project Data Management
Managing Director
Manufacturing Director
Operations Director
Plant Manager
Supply Chain Director
Systems Integration Manager
Technical Director
VP Manufacturing Strategy & Integrations

The Manufacturing Leaders' Summit mirrors the format of our established and successful face-to-face conference, featuring a combination of Plenary and Discussion Room sessions. See the online format in action below!

Delegates Testimonials:

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I think this format is friendlier than just sitting and listening. I wouldn’t want to raise my hand and ask a question in front of a big audience. In this format, I feel safe enough to share and to speak. It is also easier to listen and pay attention, as well as go into more depth.

Systems Integration Manager, SEM Ltd

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The involvement of delegates has worked very well. The discussion tables have given a chance for everyone to be more involved, as opposed to a conventional conference where one person is lecturing and a lot of people are just listening.

Hassan Khalid, Data Scientist, GSK

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It is a very unique setup and I’ve never seen it before – where the industry leaders are connected together and talking about the best practices that can be applied, and the industry practices.

Henrik von Scheel, Originator of Industry 4.0

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I’ve been to a lot of conferences before where normally you get talked at. The discussion format with the roundtables is really good because it enables people to discuss their challenges and really talk a topic all the way through to the end.

Digital Manufacturing Manager, Rolls-Royce