Why attend?

For the last three years we have brought together senior manufacturers from strategy, R&D, operations and technology in an interactive conference format that sits delegates alongside some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers and experts from world class technology companies.

Why attend? | European Manufacturing Summit

Delegates Testimonials:

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I think this format is friendlier than just sitting and listening. I wouldn’t want to raise my hand and ask a question in front of a big audience. In this format, I feel safe enough to share and to speak. It is also easier to listen and pay attention, as well as go into more depth.

Systems Integration Manager, SEM Ltd

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The involvement of delegates has worked very well. The discussion tables have given a chance for everyone to be more involved, as opposed to a conventional conference where one person is lecturing and a lot of people are just listening.

Hassan Khalid, Data Scientist, GSK

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The energy in the room was fantastic!

Alec Anderson, Koolmill Systems

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I found the format excellent!

Marco Del Seta, BOC

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Excellent opportunity to discuss key issues with peers in the industry.

Andrew Carr, BAE Systems

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It is a very unique setup and I’ve never seen it before – where the industry leaders are connected together and talking about the best practices that can be applied, and the industry practices.

Henrik von Scheel, Originator of Industry 4.0

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I’ve been to a lot of conferences before where normally you get talked at. The discussion format with the roundtables is really good because it enables people to discuss their challenges and really talk a topic all the way through to the end.

Digital Manufacturing Manager, Rolls-Royce

Watch the video to see the format of our most recent conference, Manufacturing Leaders' Summit: